I Will Not Be Defeated

I Will Not Be Defeated! Defeated: a. having been beat in battle or other contest b. demoralized and overcome by adversity Synonyms: doomed, lost, bankrupt, wrecked , broken, beaten, overpowered, overwhelmed, subdued…

I will not be defeated

CroixStreet Vegan

Mexican Cilantro Corn

Mexican Cilantro Corn 🌽! Low cost, quick and easy. So many benefits. Corn: energy booster, good for anemia, and preserves healthy skin. Cilantro: immune booster, good for brain health, and fight infections.…

AirFried Popcorn Mushrooms

AirFried Popcorn Mushrooms. This was my first time trying Bunapi Mushrooms….too good! They are a good source of Vitamins specifically Vitamin D, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, & Vitamin B12…good for all sorts…

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Dance Levels Spring Classes

Dance Levels Spring Semester Classes 2019 Now Enrolling! Enrollment ends Mid-February! Interim Dance Class Schedule (Class Schedule Until Renovation of Studio Complete in February.) Official schedule of dance classes will be issued upon…

Mesia Leshell

Praise Dancer’s Rock: Mesia Leshell

I recently had the chance to chat with Mesia Leshell from Greenville, MS. The first thing that stands out about Mesia is her humbleness. She truly has a desire to be a…